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SKASSAPUNKA were founded in 2008 in Lainate, Milan (Italy) by a group of young guys ska-punk lovers. The band begins to perform in schools, squats and local festivals, proposing a show that alternates cover with some unreleased tracks.

In 2012, these songs are collected in the first self produced EP Purgamentum Dedecusque which helps the band to play more concerts, and starting to be known in the northern Italy underground music scene.

In 2013, SKASSAPUNKA released the first studio album Di Vento In Vento produced by the independent label Dedolor Records. The album is presented with a tour that crosses all of Italy, from Milan to Calabrian coast.
In 2014, the band joined Kob Records, italian label based in Verona, and began to perform abroad, mainly in Germany and Switzerland.

In March 2015, was released the second album Il Gioco Del Silenzio with some important featuring as Enrico from Los Fastidios and Dema from Talco.

In February 2016, the new single We Want To Dance Ska was released, from which the title of the new tour with gigs along Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Italy

In 2016, the band line up was changed and simultaneously begins to work on the new record Rudes Against released on February 2017 followed by an European tour with more than 50 concerts along Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain and Italy.

The album features collaborations with Cippa from Punkreas, Simone from NH3 and Teo from Rootical Foundation.

In 2018, the band celebrates 10 years of activity by releasing the fourth studio album Adelante a mix of unreleased and some re-arranged old songs. The album was anticipated by the single Crazy Town and promoted in Europe with the Adelante Tour. During this tour Skassapunka shared the stage with bands such as The Locos, The Real Mckenzies and The Bombpops, as well as playing for ultras group of 1.FSV Mainz and FC Sankt Pauli.

In 2019, the band had a new line up change with the addition of a second guitar. In may of the same year begins the new tour which takes its name by the new single Paradox with gigs in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.

Skassapunka have been on stages like the Jolly Roger Stage at the Hafengeburstag in Hamburg, with No Konforme, La Gachette and Kotzreiz, as well as playing for the twenty years of the ultras group Droogs 99, Eintracht Frankfurt, always with The Locos.

From June 2019 the band began a collaboration with Eko Music Group for Ernie Ball products.
In November 2019, Skassapunka signed with Turbo Booking from Koln. On March 2020 the band released the fifth studio album Revolutionary Roots for the Swiss record label DMB Records.

The album features collaborations with Olly from Shandon, Tuscia from Maleducazione Alcolica, in addition to the first foreign collaboration, with the Spanish No Konforme.

At the end of summer 2020 Skassapunka started a collaboration with Rage Sport, a sportswear brand founded by Maurizio Affuso from RFC, an historic italian ska-punk band from Caserta.

In November 2020, the band was announced to be on the roster of Maldito Records and Subkultura Booking.

In July 2021, the single United We Stand was released.

DAVE – lead voice & guitar
LORENZ – background voice & lead guitar
JAPO – bass & choirs
BERTA – drums
GIOVA – trombone