SKASSAPUNKA are born in Lainate, near Milan, at the end of 2008. This group of young students, ska-punk culture lovers, already romantic rebels, starts to play in schools, in squats and local festivals. They added, in a show based on cover songs, some unreleased tracks. In 2012, these tracks was fixed in the first self-made EP: “Purgamentum Dedecusque”: thanks to this album, the band had the possibility to make itself known and play more, especially extending its horizon in the north-Italian underground scene. In 2013, SKASSAPUNKA released the first LP “Di-vento In-vento” produced by the independent label Dedolor Records; this record has launched in a tour along whole Italy, from Milan up to Calabrian coast. In 2014, the band joined Kob Records, Italian independent label based in Verona, and started to perform even abroad, mainly in Switzerland and Germany.In collaboration with Kob Records, in March of 2015 SKASSAPUNKA produced its 2nd LP: “Il Gioco del Silenzio” (featuring Enrico de Angelis from “Los Fastidios” and Tomaso”Dema”de Mattia from “Talco”) with gigs along Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
In February of 2016, the band came out with a new single, “We want to dance ska”, that gave the name to the new European tour. In that year, Skassapunka played show also in Austria and Czech Republic, in addition to Italy, Germany and Switzerland. 
In 2016 there is a significant change in the band and, with the new members, they concluded the tour and, at the same time, prepared a single, BELLA CIAO, published in April 2016, and the new album, the 3rd studio album,
RUDES AGAINST”, out on February 1st, 2017. In this album, there are some collaboration: Angelo “Cippa” Caccia from “Punkreas”, Simone Gabrielli from “NH3 Ska/core” and Matteo “Mr T.O.” Riccardi from “Rootical Foundation”).
From February to November, the band played across Europe, with the “RUDES AGAINST TOUR”. In this tour, the band played more than 50 gigs, in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Spain.
In 2018 were 10 years of SKASSAPUNKA. For this reason, the band released the fourth album, “ADELANTE”, which has been published in February, always for KOB RECORDS.
A new tour, the “ADELANTE TOUR”, followed the publication of the album. It started on February the 3rd in Milan, and has reached whole Europe. During the tour, tha band had the great opportunity to share the stage with bands like The LocosThe Real Mckenzies and The Bombpops, and to play for Ultras Groups of FC KARL ZEISS JENA1. FSV MAINZ and FC SANKT PAULI.  
At the beginning of 2019, there’s a change in the line up of the band, with the addition of a second rhythm guitar. 
In May, the new tour has started. It will be named after new single “PARADOX“, and there are already several gigs around Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  Skassapunka have played on stages like the Jolly Roger Stage at Hamburg’s Hafengeburstag, with No Konforme, La Gachette and Kotzreiz, as well as playing for the 20 years of the ultras group Droogs 99 of Eintracht Frankfurt, another time with The Locos.
From June 2019, the band started a collaboration with Eko Music Group for Ernie Ball products.
In November 2019 Skassapunka announce the collaboration with Turbo Booking from Cologne.
The fifth album “Revolutionary Roots” has been released on 13th March for the swiss label DMB RECORDS.
In this album there are featurigns with present and future of Italian ska, Shandon and Maleducazione Alcolica, in addition to the first foreign featuring, No Konforme from Vallekas.
In summer 2020 the band announces the collaboration with Rage Sport, antifascist street wear brand, founded by Maurizio Affuso, singer of the ska punk band RFC.
In november Skassapunka sing a contract with Maldito Records, spanish label, and with german booking agency Subkultura Booking, for the year 2021. 
DAVE – lead voice & guitar
LORENZ – background voice & lead guitar
JAPO – bass & choirs
BERTA – drums
GIOVA – trombone